Saturday, August 29, 2009

Storage Sale!!!!

Ive been asked how much some of my old stuff would go for if I sold it. Well...
Im cleaning out my storage and getting rid of everything..well almost everything ;)
Below is more info, pics and prices coming soon...
Luuuvvvs yas!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I have been getting inquiries/request/questions about my t-shirt line. When is it coming? Can I model for you? How much will they cost? Etc. Etc...
Well to answer you...It should be out by the end of the year/ beginning of 2010.
Cost. To be determined.
If you wanna model for me...Send me a email w/ a picture attached and I will put you on my list.
Coming soon...I promise.
New PG Jump rope luv. tee

Gotta Luv it.



Wednesday, April 1, 2009

J4K Part Duex!

Were doin' it again baby
Better the 2nd time around...
Giveaways, Suprises, Art, All that good ol' stuff

Be There...Be FRESH =)


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Word of "Mouf" coupon=)

Oh yea-I forgot to mention the PG word of mouf coupon...basically, you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours=) Any SUCCESSFUL refferal and you get a discount! The more refferals-the better for you! Print it and keep it-neva know when you'll need it=)

Let's get it=)


Phake goin custom!

Sooo yea...I've been trying to launch the first PG T-line for a minute now...and the chips just aint fallin right. With the economy all outta wack its hard to come up on some cash to successfully fund my baby =)...So After alot of thought, I thought...Why not take PG custom??? Give the poeple what they want. So here it is...a new branch, Phake Gold custom...I do what you tell me to lol...So hope everybody takes to it...feel free to email me for further info.

Be easy...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Do The Phake Thing Line-Preview

Heres a preview of my line Do The Phake Thing-It should be out around July hopefully. My inspiration was of course, Do The Right Thing, a Spike Lee joint. If you havent seen the movie: 1-YOU SHOULD (great movie) and 2-You might not understand this line,but I hope you love it anyways...I need feedback-I need to know what kind of response Im going to get if I produce this line or if I need to do another one lol. Email me, message me if you know me-Let me know. But I hope you love it 'cus I do=)

Love Yas,