Monday, November 17, 2008

Cool Kidz/Q-Tip Show- November 16, 2008

SO yea-I went to the cool kids/Q-Tip show Sunday night. It was OFF the hook-1st the show itself was bananas!!!!!! The opening act Pacific Division killed it(I am offically a fan now), Next The Knux killed it also. Then my DUDES, Inglish and Mikey ripped the stage I touched BOTH of them (aaaawwwww!). To be honest, Im not as big a fan of Tip as I am of TCK but he is a TRUE performer ( I knew some of his older stuff w/ tribe and from his solo career and the new joint) but anyways, he made me a fan-when he performs you can tell how much he truly loves music. But anyways, met Inglish after the show which was bananas!!!! Dope show, cool people, great music-ready to do it again=) heres the pics-enjoy- and did I forget to mention...PRINCE WAS THERE!!! OMG!!!!!! Unbelievable!! heres the pics=)

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